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Indian Wedding Stage Hire

Indian wedding ceremonies are fascinating to watch, requiring family and friends to gather in and around the Mandap at certain times, to bless the bride and groom. This can be inconvenient for seated guests watching, obscuring their viewing position. To resolve this issue, we recommend the addition of a wedding stage which will raise the Mandap to the optimum height for seated guests to watch the ceremony without obstruction.

Additionally a stage will make the Mandap a focal point in the room. Our stages are designed to accommodate the frame of the Mandap with a standing area around the perimeter, and be of a suitable size to suit the room. We provide carpeting and valance in your choice of colour, with steps should they be required. During a consultation with our team we will show you pictures of stages we have provided at recent weddings.

Nikah and Walima Stage Hire

Our stage designs are perfectly suited for use during Nikah (Islamic wedding) and Walima (Wedding banquet) ceremonies. This type of stage design allows guests to gain access from one side of the stage to file past the seated bride and groom offering blessings and to have their picture taken, then exiting from the opposite end. Designing the stage in this way reduces congestion and will save time and confusion for your photographer.
Before we install any staging we will measure the area to be used, advising on best practice with regards to health and safety, if required we will provide safety steps to make entry and exit more convenient.
Our stages can be dressed and decorated to suit your wedding theme, with matching coloured carpet and a valance to cover the stage front and sides. Throws, rugs and flower arrangements on and around the stage perimeter are always popular.

Stage Hire FAQs

We have beautiful hand printed drapes and backdrops for you to choose from. They are great to hide unsightly walls behind the stage creating an attractive background for your photos.

We have discreet ambient stage lighting to illuminate the stage in your choice of colour, even in bright daylight.

Once the ceremony has finished our team will be happy to remove the furniture and decor, so the stage can be used again later on.