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Your Mendhi Decor and Furniture

The Mendhi party is the Asian equivalent of a bridal shower. Tradition dictates that guests gather a few days before, or on the eve of the wedding, to apply intricate Henna designs to the hands and feet of the bridal party. Blessings are offered, food and sweets are served, with music and dancing for all.

Often these events will take place in a marquee at the bride’s house or at a local banqueting hall. Bright colourful decor is essential to set the mood.

Let EM Designs take care of your Mendhi decor and event furniture. We provide everything you need for an elegant, classy Mendhi night. Our printed draping, beautiful hand carved furniture, and artefacts will help to create the perfect environment for your celebration.

If you are planning a religious ceremony to bless the couple, we will provide a platform for the priest, with chairs, and soft furnishings for the guests. Select your favourite colours for the room décor and really personalise your gathering with fresh flowers.

Mendhi Decor Ideas

Mendhi decor traditionally incorporates vivid colour schemes. If your Mendhi party is taking place in a venue or marquee with unsightly walls, our coloured backdrops and draping are the perfect way to hide these area giving you a colourful, attractive background for your photographs.
If you would prefer a more contemporary look, we provide starlit LED curtains, gobo projectors, and mood lighting that will transform your venue with coloured lighting.
If you are hosting an Islamic Mendhi, we provide staging and elegant Walima furniture for use by the bride and groom during the celebrations.
Get in touch with our event styling team, with your specific requirements and let us transform your Mendhi party.

Mendhi Theming and Furniture

Our Mendhi styling team would love to meet up to help plan your party. We have lots of theming suggestions for every size of celebration, and will provide you with innovative ideas for food serving and bar areas, that will delight your guests.

Our Mendhi decor and furniture hire includes delivery, set up and collection.

Mendhi Furniture and Decor FAQs

Our most popular Mendhi themes are based on traditional Indian and Moroccan village settings, with comfortable soft seating draped with coloured fabrics. We can enhance the effect further with the addition of natural lighting, with lanterns and candles to create an intimate atmosphere throughout.

If you are using a marquee in your garden, we can incorporate the trees, and flower beds as part of the Mendhi decor. We will survey your garden and include these elements in the decor plans,

We have our own range of  hand painted Moroccan tents in different shapes and sizes for hire, and can arrange marquee hire on your behalf.  If you are providing your own marquee we are happy to liaise with your chosen company and decorate once it has been assembled.

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